Provide your mobile workforce with information from centralised systems on demand through the use of weave on iPad devices. Weave facilitates the rapid integration of multiple corporate systems which can reduce months of planning into a few days work.


Use of open, non-proprietary APIs and SDKs and support for multiple database and spatial engines.

Integration of non-spatial data

Powerful data integration from multiple JDBC and ODBC traditional data sources.

Integration of map services

Work simultaneously with many map services such as WMS, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, MapXtreme, Image Web Server, MapServer and others.

User Insulation

The complexity of data and processes is hidden from the end users. Simple configuration – Minimise/consolidate system configuration information.

Browser Based

Weave has browser-based clients using JavaScript and HTML. No browser plugins are required.

Minimal Footprint

Minimal requirements to integrate data sources (i.e. no forced schemas).


Role based access control to interfaces, data, and reports.

Customisable & Expandable

Weave can be customised and expanded by third parties as it is based on standard IT technologies.

Integration of third party apps and services

Client and serverside application processes can be integrated into predefined workflows, minimising the learning required by users of those processes.

Integration of spatial data

Powerful data integration from multiple spatial data sources such as Oracle Spatial, ArcSDE, Shapefiles, PostGIS, WFS, GML and others.