Taking the Controlled Drugs System to the US

By September 13, 2017 No Comments

Opioid abuse in the US has recently been declared a “national emergency.” If nothing is done, it has been forecast as many as 650,000 people will die within the next decade. That’s the equivalent to the entire city of Baltimore. XVT’s Controlled Drugs System has been successfully rolled out in states across Australia. Tasmania, the first state to adopt the system; has gone from having the highest rate of opioid abuse per capita to the lowest since implementation. This validates the system is effective in combating the misuse of prescription drugs.

The US does not have a national system which provides prescribers, health professionals and authorities with real-time information on the prescribing and dispensing of prescription drugs. If they did, we believe after success in Australia the rate of opioid abuse in the country would decline significantly.

We’ve recently created a petition on where people can show their support for implementing real time prescription monitoring in the US to stop opioid abuse. Over the short time the petition has been active, we’ve registered almost 100 signatures.

You can check out the petition here and show your support.

Our team is committed and ready to support the roll-out of this system in the US and other parts of the world where Opioid abuse is a problem.

We’ve also created a website to summarise the benefits our system could have in the US here.