Progressing ERRCD Rollout – Controlled Drugs Management Solution

Significant progress has been made between XVT, the Commonwealth Government and State/Territory Jurisdictions in the roll out of the Controlled Drugs Management Solution (ERRCD) over the past several weeks.

An agreement has been reached between the Federal Government and all state and territory health ministers to implement the controlled drugs management solution, nationally. 

XVT has commenced a project with the Federal Department of Health to enhance and extend the functionality of ERRCD to accommodate the requirements for implementation across all states and territories. The vision is to create a common platform which operates across all jurisdictions, which will be capable of sharing information to track cross-border patient activity.

We are currently engaged with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to commence the adoption of ERRCD. 

Victoria will be the fourth state/territory to implement the Controlled Drugs Management solution. NSW, ACT and Tasmania are the jurisdictions who have adopted the system to date.

In Australia, Drug overdoses claim more lives than people dying on our roads. The ERRCD initiative is now getting the attention it deserves.

Thanks to the Federal Minister of Health and the cooperation of State/Territory Health Ministers, the ERRCD initiative is getting the most traction it has received since creation. Health outcomes including drug overdoses have improved significantly in state/territories where ERRCD has been successfully rolled out. Continuing the roll-out and adopting a national approach which shares information between jurisdictions will provide significant further improvement to health outcomes in this area.

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