Hello Brisbane

By May 21, 2015 No Comments

After over 13 years operating exclusively from our office in Hobart, we’ve decided it’s time to branch out. We’re making ourselves comfortable at our new residence at Central Plaza in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, which will allow us to better serve our clients we are currently working with in NSW and Queensland.

This is an exciting time for the XVT Solutions team. In 2015 we will be commencing several new projects, including one of our largest projects to date which will require additional capacity. Operating from an additional location will allow us to meet our future growth requirements and provide a better level of service to our eastern seaboard based clients.

Queensland has been a progressive state in open data policy making and adoption. As we are providers of the world’s most popular open source / open data platform, CKAN; and active members in the international open source community – we’re excited to continue work with local organisations in Queensland to continue promoting and supporting open data and the array of benefits it has across key decision making and the community.

We currently have a team of 4 based here in Brisbane, specialising in open source technology. We have plans for an additional 5 members by the end of Q3 2015.


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