ERRCD Modified to Monitor Codeine

By March 6, 2018 No Comments

The original version of the Electronic Recording and Reporting of Controlled Drugs System (ERRCD) has recently been modified to monitor Codeine, which in February was reclassified as a prescription only drug. Until now ERRCD has been used across the country to monitor high risk Schedule 8 drugs. The Tasmanian Government is the first jurisdiction to using ERRCD to monitor other non Schedule 8 drugs of dependence as they are dispensed from pharmacies.

Given large differences in requirements between state jurisdictions, ERRCD was a platform which was always built with flexibility and extendability in mind. It is a system which needs to adapt to different internal workflows, processes and reporting requirements for every state it’s been deployed in. The platforms ability to be easily modified to monitor additional non-s8 drugs with minimal investment is another example of how flexible and extendable the platform is. We recently made further enhancements to give states even more control and access rights than ever before.

As with Schedule 8 drug monitoring,  Tasmania is the first state to implement real-time monitoring of Codeine dispensing since it was reclassified as a prescription only drug from February the 1st, 2018.