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Managed cloud based hosting with first class support, all based in Australia.

Partnered with top tier providers for business critical, high performing, highly available hosting.

Our uptime guarantees start at 99.9%. Our Australian based support team offer plans with response times which reflect the critical nature of your platform, up to 24x7x365 on call for issue resolution.

We are certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) architects, offering our clients high performing, reliable, secure managed hosting on the platform with Drupal.

Drupal hosted with XVT is designed to scale automatically as required to cope with large peaks in traffic loads. Our websites are optimised to perform highly on the minimum required resources. We leverage tools for advanced caching and content distribution.

Websites are constantly monitored with New Relic, which provides us with code level performance visibility. This allows us to pinpoint and rectify specific areas of the website which are responsible for excessive resource usage, slowing the website down.

Security is of upmost importance at both the application and infrastructure level. We implement a range of preventative measures including web application firewalls, DDOS attack prevention and disaster recovery processes to quickly restore your website in the event something goes wrong.

Our clients receive access to our Australian based support team and a dedicated client service manager.

Need a team of experts to help deliver your next Drupal project?