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DPIPWE’s SIF project won the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award for Technical Excellence

By March 17, 2015 No Comments

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE)’s Spatial Information Foundations (SIF) project won the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award for Technical Excellence in Brisbane on Wednesday night.

We are proud to have taken part in this great project, and happy to see our efforts being recognised at a national level.


Our work revolved around two sub-projects, Land Information System Tasmania (LIST) and Data & Services Directory. Both systems were built on top of OpenCMS which is a Java based content management system. OpenCMS as a platform imposed a great challenge on our development due to the lack of an MVC model. We managed to combine a modern MVC web framework and OpenCMS by using OpenCMS as a view layer. This combination significantly increased our productivity compared to purely using OpenCMS, and still kept all the goodies provided by OpenCMS.

LIST has a sophisticated custom built e-commerce system. The unique requirements of a shopping cart system ruled out the widely seen traditional online shopping cart solutions, due to the fact that LIST has different types of customers each with distinct payment model and product delivery phases. The e-commerce solution we built into LIST addressed all requirements, it is also easily extendable. The product system in the e-commerce solution was designed with future products in mind. New products can be easily developed using the existing framework and integrated into the shopping cart.

LIST and Data & Service Directory were portions of the bigger SIF project. The whole project contained numerous web front-ends and micro-service back-ends. The two systems we worked on were also comprised of various front and back ends, and interact with other parts of the whole system. Our involvement in DPIPWE’s SIF project helped us build confidence in designing, developing and maintaining modern distributed high availability enterprise applications. We thank DPIPWE for giving us support and the opportunity to be part of the project.


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