CKAN Open Data

Open Data encourages community engagement, improves decision making processes and makes organisations more transparent.

CKAN is a freely available open source platform.

CKAN automatically indexes your provided or harvested data. The CKAN portal provides a clean, simple interface making your data easily explorable.

Manage Your Data

CKAN is a mature and highly customisable Data Management System which takes care of theming, metadata, federating, storing, searching and managing data.

Data Visualisation

You can visualise your imported structured data with interactive tables, graphs and maps.

Find Your Data

Find what you’re looking for via keyword search, filter by tags and browse between related datasets. Search geospatial data on a map by area.

User Management & Approval

Create and manage user accounts for editing and publishing data, fine-grained and tuned access control for secure login, setup approval workflows.

Data History & Versioning

A Versioned Domain Model (VDM) keeps a full history of all edits and versions against every dataset.

Rich API

CKAN provides API‘s with a rich programming interface so you can benefit from over 60 extensions including link checking, comments, and analytics.

Open Data encourages community engagement, improves decision making processes and makes organisations more transparent.


We can review your data and functional requirements, scoping and assessing suitability of CKAN.


We can get a base CKAN installation up and running with your data in days, on your own infrastructure or managed and hosted on your behalf.


Based on your requirements, we will go through the rich configuration options and set up the platform to your needs. We can also implement your logo and a theme which reflects your organisations brand.


If CKAN doesn’t meet all of your requirements ‘out of the box’ we can develop custom extensions or seek input from the open source community to leverage existing code made available via open source.

Managed Hosting

We typically provide managed cloud based hosting for CKAN. Our team is qualified and specialises in implementing CKAN on physical or cloud hosting providers. We use Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms which offer guaranteed uptime of 99.9%+

24x7x365 Monitoring & Support

Given the public facing and highly accessible nature of many open data sites, we are able to offer 24x7x365 site monitoring and response to critical issues providing you with confidence and complete peace of mind your instance will always be available.