BrightWork allows you to manage your entire project portfolio in one place.

BrightWork offers enough functionality ‘out of the box’ to get your Project Management Office established quickly and delivering immediate value. The rich options to configure and customise to your specific needs allows you to continuously improve your implementation. You can integrate with your Microsoft SharePoint Knowledge bases, user profiles and advanced search in SharePoint to facilitate the quick discovery of project and organisational knowledge, training and expertise.

Project Teams

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    Project Management Templates

    Initiate projects the right way every time with a range of best practice templates to choose from depending on the type of project management required for the project scope and team size. Easy configuration options and template management features make it easy to build improved processes into templates and roll out new project management practices.

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    Collaborative Toolset

    Intuitive project management features allow project managers to easily assign work to team members; track and re-plan the project; always see what is going on in the project and keep stakeholders informed about the progress of the project. Give team members a single place to go to discover the goals of the project and understand what work is expected of them and when it is due.

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    Progress Reporting

    Team members can use the work management system to update the progress of their work and easily flag any of their work items as an issue that require attention.


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    Project Control

    The portfolio management templates included with BrightWork enable Senior executives to ensure customer and sponsor satisfaction with the necessary visibility into project statuses, resources and proposed projects that delivers practical and effective control.

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    Complete Visibility

    Get high-level visibility across all the projects in the organization, with metrics and traffic light indicators, enabling senior executives to exercise the control required to eliminate project failure and ensure happy customers.

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    Resource Overview

    Manage the resource allocation across existing and new projects, ensuring that skilled resources are not being over- or underutilized.

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    Approval Process

    Deploy a consistent and objective project selection process that ensures approved projects are aligned with organisational goals.

BrightWork in 3 Minutes

An introduction to BrightWork: In this YouTube video we’ll walk you through Brightwork’s main areas of functionality.

We’ve helped these organisations with their BrightWork implementations.

BrightWork JumpStart

Get your Project Management Office up and running in less than 2 weeks.


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    Our business analyst will engage with you on-site to develop an understanding of your Project Management Office requirements and process.

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    We prioritise your requirements by business value and undertake requirement scoping allowing you to choose what you’d like to implement straight away.


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    We’ll install BrightWork in either your own environment or a XVT cloud managed environment and integrate it with Microsoft SharePoint.

  • 02

    Based on your requirements we’ll go through every configuration option in BrightWork and ensure it’s optimised to meet your needs. We’ll also setup your users and permissions.

  • 03

    Two templates will be setup tailored to manage two different project types typical for your organisation. We’ll also provide a project office/rollup template for program level reporting across all projects.


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    We’ll provide training to your IT support staff so they can undertake further configuration, customisation and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. If you don’t have capacity, we can help support the system and your users.

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    Our certified trainers will provide a training workshop for all of your users to ensure they can go ahead and use the system with confidence.

BrightWork Licensing Costs



One Off Cost - USD
  • 50 Users
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Optional support and upgrades $2,000 PA
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One off cost - USD
  • 100 Users
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Optional support and upgrades $3,500 PA
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  • 250 Users
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Optional support and upgrades $6,800 PA
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  • 500 Users
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Optional support and upgrades $9,000 PA
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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

JIB – Jira Integration with BrightWork

A plugin bringing Jira for Task Management and Brightwork for Project/Portfolio Management together.

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    Connect Jira to Brightwork

    You can either connect an existing site or create a new project based on the template of your choice

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    Configure list, status and priority mapping

    Config wizard allows copying of settings from existing connections to save time.

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    Sync fields

    Such as task name, description, type, priority, status, work and % complete. Conflict resolution kicks in if both sites are being edited at once.

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    Data Safeguards

    We have measures in place to prevent accidental deletion of data.