AWS Meetup Hobart

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XVT Solutions is your host for the AWS User Group Hobart meet up and the beer and pizza is on us*. Now looking forward to the 6th meet up event, George Sattler (Solution Architect, XVT Solutions) and Ankit Bhasin (Software Engineer, Australian Ocean Data Network) are your organisers and co-hosts.

The meet up group is a regular gathering of users, enthusiasts and professionals who are interested in the Amazon Web Services platform. The group has a steadily growing membership on and aims to promote AWS and connect users with a common passion for the services provided by AWS.

Presenters at meetup #5: Ankit and Lincoln

Presenters at meetup #5: Ankit and Lincoln

At each event we hold two presentations which are designed to be accessible and informative and encourage discussion and discourse. A selection of presentation topics to date:

  • Various forms of SSL in AWS
  • Authentication in AWS with Serverless Architectures
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Live Facial Recognition Demonstration
  • Automation is not a Shiny Red Button
  • Zero Downtime Deployments with CodeDeploy
  • Containers in AWS: walkthrough of Kubernetes and Docker Datacenter

Attendance is free and open to anyone with an interest in AWS. To RSVP for the next meetup event, register yourself on and find us here or search for ‘tech’ in the Hobart area.

We hope that as our meetup Group becomes larger we will be able to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with more people in the local community and connect people together with a common interest.

*figure of speech – said items are not actually on us – e.g. like a hat – rather, they will be on a table in a civilised fashion.