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Atlassian Experts

We help teams achieve with Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Dev Tools.


We don’t just look after your initial licensing needs, we keep you up to date with new versions, provide access to our community of experts and remind you when ongoing support and renewals are due.


Our Atlassian expert analyst team can help you assess feasibility and iron out your own plan. We can help you with implementation strategy, prioritising requirements into long and short-term plans. Our certified Change Management consultants can help your employees adjust to the new products and approaches.

Installation & Setup

If you are not familiar with Atlassian products you may want to engage somebody who is to do your initial setup. Our Atlassian trained experts can get Jira, Confluence, Dev Tools or any of the third party plugins you require up and running and integrated on-premise or in the cloud. We can also help migrate data from your existing systems.

Custom Development

We’re a software development company with some of the most talented developers around. Atlassian has 100’s of plugins, but you may require something unique to your requirements. Our software developers are able to develop a customised plugin specifically for your needs.


Help is never far away, our Atlassian experts provide you with an ongoing personal level of support. You’ll never be left talking to a robot, with direct line access to our Atlassian Expert team based in Australia.


Our training programs aim to ensure your executives, administrators and users are able to use the system with confidence. We provide packaged or customised product training for Atlassian products, and coaching around development and collaboration best practices.

We’ve helped these organisations with their Atlassian implementations.

Jira Integration with BrightWork

We’ve developed a plugin bringing two platforms we support together, Jira for Task Management and Brightwork for Project/Portfolio Management.

Connect Jira to Brightwork

You can either connect an existing site or create a new project based on the template of your choice.

Configure list, status and priority mapping

Config wizard allows copying of settings from existing connections to save time.

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Sync Fields

Such as task name, description, type, priority, status, work and % complete. Conflict resolution kicks in if both sites are being edited at once.

Data Safeguards

We have measures in place to prevent accidental deletion of data.